About the Venue

The symposium will take place in the Woolley Common Room in the John Woolley Building, also known at the Peter Nicoll Russell School of Engineering & Engineering Workshops. The building is one of the most historical buildings on campus. It integrates modern technological features and a comfortable, classical space to accommodate the proceedings of PALA 2018. To reach the Woolley Common Room, go through the main entrance (pictured) and take the stairs to the next floor. The room is at the end of the short hall to the left.

Please note: John Woolley Building does not have wheelchair access.


Camperdown is the largest of the University of Sydney campuses. Surrounded by parks and shops and located just outside the central business district of Sydney, symposium attendees will have access to all the amenities they need to make themselves comfortable. In particular, Victoria Park offers a space for exercise or relaxation and Broadway Shopping Centre caters to most shopping needs, large or small. Adjacent Newtown and Glebe offer a wide selection of famous and high quality foods to suit all tastes.


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Getting to the University of sydney

The university is near the centre of Sydney, so there are a number of transportation options available. Here, we list how to get to the venue from Central Station or the airport. For those finding a way to the venue from another location, you can use the Central Station directions or ask around your accommodation for more specific instructions.

From Central

From Central Station, make your way to Railway Square on the west side. From there, you can walk or take a bus.

On foot:

1. Cross the street and you will reach George Street/Broadway. Follow that away from the city approximately 10-15 minutes and you will reach Victoria Park, which is on the edge of the campus.

2. Continue walking straight until you reach a footbridge over the road. Take the stairs up from there and enter the campus.

3. Take a right on the first road - Science Road - and John Woolley will be just ahead, down on the left side.

By bus:

1. Cross over into the centre of Railway Square - there is a tower and long lines of bus stops.

2. Take bus routes 412, 413, 435, 436, 437, 438, 440, 461, 483 away from the city

3. Soon after you pass Victoria Park on your left, get off the bus under the footbridge. Take the stairs up and enter campus.

4. Take a right on the first road - Science Road - and John Woolley will be just ahead, down on the left side.

From the Airport

Unfortunately, the airport lacks a direct transportation link to the University of Sydney. There are several options you can take, however.

Train: This is the simplest option.

1. Find a shop that sells Opal cards in the airport - most newsagents will do this, but if you have trouble, just ask at information desks. You will need to charge the card, and will probably want at least $40 of charge for the round trip airport train and buses to and from campus.

2. Make your way to the airport train station and get on the side that goes to City.

3. Get off the train at Central, 4-5 stops from the terminal. From there, use the Central Station directions above.

Note: this train line carries an extra fee, and the trip will cost around $15.

Taxi/Uber: Tell the driver/book a driver to take you to the University of Sydney Footbridge. Fees will vary based on the amount of traffic - the route goes through some of Sydney's worst traffic areas. Expect to pay $25-35.

Bus: To take a bus, you will have to walk some distance from the airport, to Botany Road in the east or Princes Highway in the west. Only bus 400 goes to the airport itself and that does not travel to the city. While it is cheaper than the train or taxi, we do not recommend it because it is a much longer and more confusing commute.


Map and Official Sydney Transportation Links

Sydney's public transportation is managed by Transport NSW. Click on the name to get access to trip planners and prices.

To use Sydney's transportation network effectively, you will need an Opal Card with sufficient funds. These can be found at many select news agents and other offices around Sydney, including numerous locations in the domestic and international airport terminals, where they can also be charged with credit.



Attendees will need to arrange accommodation for their stay in Sydney. Fortunately, as it is a capital city, there are many options to choose from. Unfortunately, it can get expensive depending on your choices. For convenience, we will list some options based on proximity, budget, and comfort. These are only examples; we have no relationship with any accommodation provider. Click on the names to be redirected to their websites.

Close to the Symposium:

Here are a few options close to John Woolley Building:

Rydges Camperdown: This is a hotel that offers standard hotel fare for $100-200. It is across the street from the campus and a 5-10 minute walk to the symposium. This is one of the most common choices for accommodation for University of Sydney visitors.

Alishan Guest House: Alishan is located on Glebe Point Road in Glebe, only a short walk to the campus. While not across the street from the campus itself, this is actually closer to the symposium venue. It is more of a bed and breakfast and likely to be cheaper than a hotel - though space is limited. It is also in the middle of a lively suburb, immediately surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and shopping.

Mercure Sydney: The Mercure Sydney is located directly across the street from Central Station. There are buses to the university right in front and a train that goes straight to the airport, making it conveniently positioned. It also offers easy access to Sydney sights. Rooms are available for $150-200.

Adina Apartment Hotel Chippendale: Adina offers apartments for rent in the Chippendale area near the campus. It is in walking distance to the campus, food and entertainment, and transport. Prices range from 200-300 a night.

A google map search will reveal a number of other hotels near the campus, all with similar prices. Quality can vary dramatically, however, so look up reviews for anything you are unsure of. 

On a budget:

There are many hostels and budget motels in Sydney, though most are further away from campus. 

Youth Hostel Australia: This is one of the highest rated hostels in Sydney and is at Central Station, a 15-20 minute walk from the venue or short bus ride. Prices start at $35 for a shared room, though single rooms are available.

Ibis Budget Sydney Airport: Both a budget hotel and right next to the airport, this is a good option if you don't want to carry your bags far. 

There are other motels and hostels. Book early for lower prices. Be aware: some budget options are of exceptionally poor quality. Be sure to check reviews first.

For comfort:

The most common choice for people looking for more comfortable or well-situated accommodation is currently AirBnB. These are often not conveniently located near transport, however, so make sure to know your way to central from your accommodation.

For people wanting to stay near a beach, understand that they are all located some distance from the campus. Manly Beach in particular has a number of options available, such as Hotel Steyne, which can be quite affordable if booked early. Most beaches will be an hour commute from the symposium, though, in the case of Manly, much of this is on a ferry.

For people wanting to be in the middle of the city, check hotels near Darling Harbour. These will be between Central and Town Hall stations, and there are hundreds of hotels available. Check with websites such as Wotif and Expedia to find prices and availability.